Monday, November 16, 2015

What to do when you feel WORN

"Worn" by Tenth Avenue North is a song that perfectly describes how I feel right now with everything that's going wrong in this world.

I am sharing this song with you to encourage you that no matter how dark the night, JOY comes in the morning! Read Psalm 30:5.

No matter how broken and downtrodden you feel, HOPE is on the horizon.

Why? Because God is in control even when this world is spinning out of control and we think all hope is lost, it's NOT. God is still on His Throne and He's intimately involved with the affairs of humankind.

So as this song encourages you: Cry out to God. He WILL hear you. Pray to God. He WILL answer you. Trust in God, He WILL deliver you!

I'm praying for you tonight. I'm praying that you do not lose hope. I'm asking God to give you strength for the journey. I'm trusting that God will save you if you only ask Him. And I'm praying for God to impress you to ask for wisdom. He gives it freely to all who ask. God's wisdom helps you view life through a more accurate lens, a lens of hope that shows not all is lost, a lens with a focus on eternity, not the temporary trappings of this world. 

I know life gets tough. But hang in there. It's worth it. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Movie spotlight: Love Different

"Love Different" is a new movie produced by Anthony Hackett of SONSET Friday Entertainment. The movie is coming soon to theaters! I'll keep you posted on the exact release date.

Meanwhile, enjoy the movie trailer above! Check out the movie's official website too,

We need movies like this that is purposed to expose stereotypes and bring people together in creating a culture of change and understanding.

I can't wait to see it! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Post-Valentine’s Day Q&A with a man who has a heart for God and old-school romance

Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) is over but why not continue to celebrate true love?

Today, let's celebrate true love from a man's point of view. Yes, we all know Valentine's Day is all about the ladies and what we want and think is romantic. But how often do we pause to think about how the gentlemen view this special day?

So here is a little Q&A about Valentine's Day with a gentleman named Randall Flash. Enjoy! 

Post-Valentine’s Day Q&A with Randall Flash:

Do you like Valentine’s Day? Why or why not?

Valentine's Day is cool in my book. I'm a huge history buff, and I have a little fascination with the original Valentine's Day story. It's a pretty cool one.

Do you have a significant other right now? If not, how did you celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single guy who is not romantically involved with a woman?

I'm legitimately single. As a single guy how do I celebrate? Every year I listen to Coltrane's: "A Love Supreme" and finish my day with another classic: "The Love Below" by Andre 3000.

Do you think this “holiday of love” puts undue pressure on men to go above and beyond with romantic gestures for their lady? 

I'm actually just a huge fan of holidays in general. People never celebrate enough, you know? Undue pressure? Hmm, I think it puts pressure on the guy, but a little pressure to go beyond for your lady ain't too bad. An extra day set apart to show your woman you care isn't the worst kind of pressure in the world. Sometimes folks do go overboard or there are some seriously high expectations coming from the other side of the court, so I think it all depends on the relationship you're in. As with any other day in your relationship the core principles stay the same: gotta know romance and you've gotta know your lady.

Why do you think women love the classic Valentine’s Day gifts—heart-shaped chocolate candy, red roses and a romantic evening out on the town?

I won't win fans for this one, but I'll say it: conditioning

Red roses as an instrument of love predates the Mileseans and the Hellenic period by a few hundred years. Candy and gifting sweets to loved ones also has a long history. Going out on the town? Most people just enjoy doing that anyway. Why women love the gifts? I'm not completely positive. Why these three are the gifts of choice around the world? Research the Pot Roast story. Therein lies the reason.

The focus is mostly on women on Feb. 14 but what about the man? Do you have any suggestions as to how the female in a relationship can express romantic gestures to her man? Or should that be required? Clearly men do not want roses! 

Gotta know romance, gotta know your guy.

No two snowflakes are exactly the same, but a woman can display romance by being a good listener. I'm pretty direct and upfront about what I want (whether games, a special dish, or a game night) and so a very nice romantic gesture from my lady to me would first start with her ears and then her heart. My love language is words of affirmation, but gifts don't hurt.

What advice do you have for men want to spoil the woman in their life on Valentine’s Day?

Listen, listen, listen. Valentines Day is only a day, but you have greater success if you use your hearing year-round. Pay attention and she will show you the way. If you can meet her need without her having to say it, you're already in the winners circle.

What words of wisdom do you have for men who do not care about Valentine’s Day whether they’re in a relationship or not?

Celebrate just to celebrate. Holidays are cool, man. If you don't want to term it "Valentine's Day,"then "SinglesAwareness Day" isn't too shabby for a secondary option.

Do you have a favorite memory of a past Valentine’s Day that was extra-special for you? 

The food. I've had some crazy Ramen feast on Valentines Day. Sigh, and Taco Bell in '08. Ah... the memories.

Single women who are Christian often say their First Love is Jesus Christ and they’re going on a “date” with Him for Valentine’s Day or simply spending time reading their Bible and growing close in their walk with the Lord. What are your thoughts on this common gesture?

I think that's pretty cool. I mean, you've got to keep that relationship with Christ in the number one spot. It works best if that message is out and front and both parties are on the same page.

What is perspective of Christian males who are single and not dating a lady on Valentine’s Day? Do they consider Jesus their “First Love” too? How does it work from a guy’s point of view? 

Christ is first. My faith is numero uno. I don't really say He is my "first love", that's not my lingo, but for sure he is the best love of all *Singing*: "Oh, how I love Jesus"...

In your honest opinion, what is the best way for a single person to spend Valentine’s Day?

Finding happiness where it could be found. As the saying goes, happiness is in the happenings. Do something fun! Get up, get out, get something going!

What do you think is the most romantic thing a guy can do for a girl on Valentine’s Day?

Spend time with her. Talk deeply, honestly. To be the best friend and lover to her through listening.

What is the most romantic love song to play or perform for your significant other on Feb. 14?

I think it depends on the young lady, but I'm partial to a Love Below. Prototype would be the song.

What words of wisdom can you share with couples who want to keep their relationship happy and healthy?

Love with your ears. Listen and respect each other. Communicate.

Thanks for the interview, Flash! I believe your words of wisdom, humor and passion for old school romance with God in the heart will inspire and encourage many people. 

Dear readers of "On My Heart," I hope you will interact with Flash in the comment section. He'll check it ever so often to reply to you. 

Here's to celebrating true love not just on Valentine's Day but year-round! Remember, even if you don't have a significant other, you have Jesus Christ who loves you with all of His Heart. *John 3:16* Trust Him in the process. *Jeremiah 29:11* Only God can provide your perfect match!