Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Woman Redefined!

Oh dear, where to begin?

The image of Black women in America and around the world has been assaulted, misconstrued, misunderstood, misrepresented and promoted as negative for what feels like FOREVER!

But here is a book that aims to redefine the image of Black women and how they are perceived.

Best described on the book's website, Black Woman Redefined is, "A groundbreaking, long overdue book that unveils an honest and thought provoking glimpse into the lives and souls of 21st century strong accomplished black women. This book provides a pathway and solutions for black women to reach beyond the stereotypes that often limit them, and the achievements that often define them. The book also encourages black women to redefine for themselves the important things in life, such as emotional wellness, intimacy, spirituality, and balance which often eludes them in their everyday lives. The book includes fresh, never before done national research on professional black women & men, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama which includes the opinions and observations of a diverse national sample of 1000 Americans (+/-3). The book's most interesting feature, however, beyond the author's personal narrative and research findings is that it brings together some of the best and brightest. Some of the most renowned journalists, celebrities, educators, life coaches, politicians and thought leaders of our time give young women of this present and next generation "sage wisdoms" to help them successfully navigate the storms of life."

Author Sophia A. Nelson does an amazing job of educating, informing and uplifting her audience in this page-turner of a book! You will want to read it straight through and you will want to have a conversation about it afterwards!

Speaking of conversation, here's a direct link to Sophia's conversation about her book and the reason she wrote it:

I recommend this book to EVERYONE. Black women will be uplifted and encouraged that they are not alone in their plight which society would rather not acknowledge and women of all nationalities will be inspired to start a conversation about the issues discussed in this book.

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  1. Thanks you Alexis I appreciate the kind support!

    1. Anytime, Sophia! :) Thank you for writing the book! And for being the first to comment on my blog! :)


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