Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sharing Our Stories: An Introduction

Sharing Our Stories: Being the Change We Seek
An Introduction post by Alexis A. Goring

We are living in troubled times.

These days, you don’t have to watch the news to see it.

But we have HOPE. His Name is Jesus Christ and He loves you with His very life! Read John 3:16 in The Holy Bible for background about that fact.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I know that this life here on Earth is not going to be perfect because of the side-effects of sin which include but are not limited to: hatred, prejudice, racism, oppression, injustice, pain, suffering, sorrow and ultimately, death.

But again, we have hope in Jesus Christ!

Human history will not continue like this forever. One day all of this suffering will end when God sends His Son (Jesus Christ) back to Earth to take His faithful followers home to Heaven. If you want to experience a happily-ever-after that’s REAL and lasts for all of eternity then that is a good reason to follow Jesus Christ. 

Only Jesus can equip us with the tools that we need to survive this sin-ridden world. Only Jesus can show us that there is hope on the horizon. Only Jesus can help us want to treat each other way we want to be treated (otherwise known as “The Golden Rule” OR Matthew 7:12, because it’s also in the Bible).

In light of everything we’re going through here on Earth, I’ve created this new series that will launch on Sunday, Sept. 6 and continue on a weekly basis. The series is called “Sharing Our Stories: Being the Change We Seek.” Every Sunday, starting in September 2020, one of my writers will share their heart on the topics that divide us with hope of uniting us.

It is my hope that through launching and coordinating this new series on this “On My Heart” blog that everyone who reads the words by my kind-hearted, faith-based writers, will be inspired to live like Jesus tells us to live (Micah 6:8). I hope that we will truly seek to treat others the way that we want to be treated (with kindness, respect and dignity). I hope that we will learn how to love each other the way that Jesus loves every one of us (regardless of our looks, ethnicity or culture). May we finally realize that there really is only ONE race (the HUMAN race) and we’re ALL in this story called life together.

I’m hoping that hearts will soften, empathy will increase and a Christ-like love will abound within the soul of every single reader.

This series is meant to move beyond having “hard” and “courageous” coffeehouse conversations; it will serve as a catalyst for change. We endeavor to be kind to each other and to understand where we’re coming from as we read each other’s stories and share our hearts. Our goal is racial reconciliation with the hope of preparing our hearts for a better country, a heavenly one (as Hebrews 11:16 describes).

This world will not last forever. But faith in God and His Kingdom will.

While we’re traveling through this human experience on Earth, it is my hope that though perfection and harmony will not be completely achieved until Heaven, we will learn to be kind to each other. Everyone is fighting some sort of battle. Words have the power to destroy but they also have the power to heal. Will you join me in creating a space where words can help heal the hurting hearts of humankind?

Sincerely with love,

Alexis A. Goring, MFA
Founder of “On My Heart” (blog)


  1. Congratulations, Alexis to you and your team on “Sharing Our Stories: Being the Change We Seek.”


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