Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sharing Our Stories: Creating Equality

Creating Equality with the love of Jesus Christ
A guest post by Amber Hoopengarner

“So I’m asking you, my friends, that you be joined together in perfect unity—with one heart, one passion, and united in one love. Walk together with one harmonious purpose and you will fill my heart with unbounded joy.” – Philippians 2:2 (TPT)

“I like this church.”

My 12-year-old whispered to me as we listened to the spirit-led worship.

This was our first time visiting a church that was predominantly Caucasian. Usually we attend a church that is mainly filled with African Americans. However, some recent life events led me to explore other churches to see if I could find another place of worship that offered sound Bible based teaching and a children’s program that would allow my kids the opportunity to learn and grow in their faith.

This new church seemed to have all. I enjoyed the praise and worship experience. I felt extremely accepted there. Yet it is not quite “home” where I worshipped with people who look like me and share similar life experiences. I found this feeling of not being home to be strange because of the fact that though people may not look like me here in this White church, I was still worshipping in a church building. So why would it feel different?

As a woman of color, I struggle between loving people the way God has called me to and staying quiet to keep the peace we are to seek. Standing up for those who have been oppressed is what the Bible calls us to do. But, when we decide to actually move in that scripture though, we meet resistance. We are called to love all people, but I realize that for reasons we still have yet to fully know or understand, not everyone will love me or my BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) brothers and sisters the way Jesus Christ has stated in the scripture above.

If the world is going to know and accept Jesus and His free gift of salvation then the church is going to have to unify Black, White, Asian, Indian, Latino and ALL people of color. All of us, regardless of our race, need to be pushing for the same goal: winning souls for Jesus!

We need to be glorifying and adding to the Kingdom of God, teaching people about Jesus, and telling the people in this broken world that there is a Man who is waiting right there to catch them. His name is Jesus Christ.

Let us come together as allies. Let us join hands and walk toward the cross of Christ together, creating equality while bringing along our brothers and sisters as we fight for the cause of Christ. Let us work in unison from our hearts for the kingdom. Let us create equality starting with the love we share of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Author Bio:

Amber Hoopengarner is a writer and self-published author who is also a Certified Life Coach working with women who suffer from PMADs and children who suffer from mental health disorders.  

She is a Maternal Mental Health Advocate and works to help raise awareness within the church of mental health disorders especially among BIPOC women.

Amber graduated in 2016 from the University of Phoenix with an Associates in Human Services Management and is currently in the process of obtaining her bachelor’s in psychology. She also has certificates in Mental Health Coaching, Bibliotherapy and CBT as well as in Perinatal Mood Anxiety Disorders.

Amber loves God and people! She enjoys making a difference through bringing up issues and challenges that sometimes would not otherwise be addressed. Amber believes that God wants His people to be loved where right where they are while they are working on who He has called them to become.

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