Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sharing Our Stories: We need each other

Not "Me, Myself and I"
A guest post by Kai A. Pineda

“I want you to think about how all this makes you more significant, not less. A body isn’t just a single part blown up into something huge. It’s all the different-but-similar parts arranged and functioning together. If Foot said, “I’m not elegant like Hand, embellished with rings; I guess I don’t belong to this body,” would that make it so? If Ear said, “I’m not beautiful like Eye, transparent and expressive; I don’t deserve a place on the head,” would you want to remove it from the body? If the body was all eye, how could it hear? If all ear, how could it smell? As it is, we see that God has carefully placed each part of the body right where he wanted it.”
–1 Corinthians 12:14-18 (MSG)

To be created equal in America has meant something different for each American.

Our history tells us we have not always been equal, and our current climate shows us we still have far to go. But why within the confines of Christianity have we adopted the notion that one group, one denomination, and or race is superior than the other? Why are we acting as if one is not necessary and we can get along or carry on without one another? WE CANNOT!

The world would have us believe you do not need anyone. The best thing you can do is to adopt a “Me, Myself and I,” attitude. If you are focused on yourself and making sure you are good above anyone else, then you will be successful. The truth is, this is not true at all. Think about it for a moment. How lonely would it be if you believed you were capable of doing everything by yourself, within yourself?

I am innately an introvert. I am very comfortable being by myself and with myself.

However, I am very aware of the dangers awaiting anyone who does not connect with others.

Because of my role as a pastor, I am with people quite often. I can honestly say I would have never thought I would be a pastor. Because of my love for God and obedience I accepted the call on my life and it has allowed me to meet some of the most incredible people. I, the introvert, love meeting new people, and engaging and learning about others. Their culture, ways they grew up, and their faith, intrigues me.

I have learned to appreciate the nuances and subtleties of the human race.

It is our unique make-up that makes the world truly beautiful.

Let’s pray: Dear God, Help me to break out of my own way of doing and seeing things. As a part of the global Body of Christ I cannot only think about me. Give me your heart towards my brothers and sisters who I know and those I do not. Remove any selfish ways in me. In Jesus’s Name I pray. Amen.

Author Bio:
I am a fire-starter and a passionate student of the Bible who helps others discover their identity and the beauty within the Body of Christ by leading them into an encounter with the Word of God.
I am married to a man I am madly in like with and love more than I can explain. Together we plant home fellowships within the U.S. and abroad.

I am an author who released her first book, Dear Church: Vol 1: The Beauty of The Body, in 2019. The second volume will be released in 2021.

I have recorded two praise and worship albums and love to travel.

I am an introvert who loves her family, people, rainy days, a chai latte from Starbucks, and my Maltipoo McLovin.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, nor challenging people to live lives based on a biblical standard and not personal preferences.

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